Keeping Our Community Connected

Your donation will keep people connected to life-affirming knowledge, services and support.

The longevity and cruelty of the pandemic means that more people are in distress at the same time that fundraising to support essential programs and services is challenged.

Your donation will connect people to the peer mentors and service co-ordinators who will help them see a future and navigate their way forward.

Your first year of monthly giving will be matched.

This is the impact a year of your matched giving will have:

$6 monthly

provides training to ready a new volunteer Peer Mentor

$12 monthly

provides power wheelchair replacement batteries for a person in need

$20 monthly

provides a series of one on one visits from SCIO professionals experienced in helping navigate a path forward

$40 monthly

provides a Peer Connect event, a gathering where knowledge, experiences and fellowship are shared

$80 monthly

provides a wheelchair for someone in need by covering the co-pay they cannot afford

Just enter your preferred gift amount in “Other” and check “Make this a monthly gift.

Imagine Canada Accreditation

Spinal Cord Injury Ontario is accredited by Imagine Canada for excellence in non-profit accountability, transparency and governance.

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5 ways your donation will help people in 2021:

  1. Providing life-affirming knowledge, services and support to current clients and the 450 – 500 newly injured people who will need help rebuilding their lives

  2. Unrelenting work to help people with spinal cord injury overcome the serious challenges of COVID-19 and to make certain our community’s vaccine needs are met

  3. Continued expansion of online province-wide SCIO Connect events that connect people with people and people with knowledge

  4. Public policy work, like the #peeforfree campaign, to help Ontarians and their government see the advantages for all when fairness, equity and accessibility are embraced

  5. The work to complete a set of courses that will provide healthy aging strategies for people with spinal cord injury

5 recent accomplishments made in bettering the lives of people with spinal cord injury:

  1. When COVID-19 threw a wrench into the works of many government assistances, SCIO advocated for a path forward and helped attain approval for: virtual assessments for assistive devices, classifying assistive devices vendors as essential services, improving access to virtual primary care, and federal government financial assistance for people with disabilities

  2. SCIO advocated to make certain people with SCI were prioritized for vaccination and could access them with new funding for transport to vaccination sites or to provide home based vaccination

  3. When the pandemic limited used equipment donations funding for new equipment was expanded to make certain people in need got the essential mobility safety equipment they needed

  4. To keep our community connected, SCIO pursued partnership to provide low-cost internet plans for community members in need

  5. SCIO developed a policy report that will help to modernize public coverage of Catheters and Supplies in Ontario

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