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Session 1: Knowledge is Power: Rolling towards Menopause

Nervous about going through “the change of life “or not sure what to expect? Join this powerhouse of peers and let us help to empower…

Peer Connections: Dollars & Sense – Managing Your Financial Future

For many people navigating life after a spinal cord injury or with other physical disabilities, there are several financial considerations that extend beyond the typical…

Peer Connections: Nerve Transfer Surgery

Dr. Mike Hendry will present the potential benefits of nerve transfer surgery to improve function following cervical spinal cord injury. Date: Thursday, April 14, 2022…

Comedy Night

On March 31, Spinal Cord Injury Ontario is pleased to invite you to our virtual Comedy Night — a “laugh on-line” evening of comedy and…

Peer Connections: Trivia Night

Are you a smarty-pants? Do you know interesting and sometimes obscure facts? Do you just want to hang out with friends waiting for Spring to…

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