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Having trouble accessing equipment?

Equipment can be the bridge to a more independent and fulfilling life with a disability. Mobility devices, modifications, and adaptive technologies enable those with mobility challenges to accomplish both extraordinary feats and everyday tasks.

More importantly the right equipment can keep you safe, healthy and able to live with more independence.

We can help.

At SCIO, our Service Navigation team is dedicated to empowering individuals by facilitating access to essential equipment and financial resources. Our coordinators are here to guide you through the process, ensuring you find the mobility devices and adaptive technologies that enhance your independence and safety.

Beyond providing direct support, we’re committed to advocating for broader access to these crucial tools, aiming to transform the landscape of mobility disability support for the better.

Service Navigation

Our Service Navigation Coordinators can help you to access the equipment and financial support you may need.


We continue to advocate for greater access to mobility devices and the life saving equipment our community needs.

What equipment can do

Equipment plays a pivotal role in navigating life with a mobility disability, acting as a key to unlocking greater independence and quality of life. 

Explore our our Life with a Mobility Disability sections on Equipment, Adaptive Technology, and Vehicle Modification to learn how these resources can transform daily living. With SCIO’s support, learn to select and maintain the right tools for your journey towards autonomy. 

Visit Cortree for a wealth of resources designed to empower you with knowledge and choices in equipment including tips and tricks of modifications and maintenance of equipment, product reviews and insightful videos on how to select the right equipment for you.

Living with a mobility disability

A comprehensive resource designed to support individuals living with spinal cord injuries.


The premier destination for everyone looking to grow their knowledge, empathy and understanding of living and working with a mobility disability.

Finding equipment

Finding the right equipment at the right price or the right features can be a challenge. We look for resources and options for our clients and provide information on where you can look for yourself. To buy, sell and donate equipment in Ontario we have created a couple of platforms; SCIO Marketplace on Facebook and we created the Possibilities Project Plus in partnership with Lawson Health Research Institute. The SCIO Business Directory lists businesses that offer products and services relevant to those with spinal cord injury and other physical disabilities.

How you can help

Support the work we do to ensure people with spinal cord and mobility disabilities get the help, services and equipment they need to thrive. Donate, sponsor or lend your voice.


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