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Peer Connections: Financial Advice for RDSP – Virtual

Are you looking to learn more about the registered disability savings plan (RDSP)? Then you’re going to want to attend this workshop. We will be…

Peer Town Hall

We deliver and champion excellence in service, support and advocacy for and with people with spinal cord injury. This is our mission. These are not…

Peer Connections: Pain Management and Spinal Cord Injury – Virtual

Chronic pain is a side effect for some people living with an SCI. This can sometimes be overwhelming. However, there are ways to cope with…

Peer Connections: An Evening of Music (Virtual Concert)

Are you missing attending concerts and listening to live music? You are in for a treat! Join us and enjoy an hour with local musician…

Peer Connections: Brain Computer Interface

A brain-computer interface makes it possible to understand how our brain signals interact with our physical movement, like lifting an arm or pointing a finger….

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