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COVID-19 Vaccinations for the Disability Community

For people with an SCI getting vaccinated will not be an easy task.

COVID-19 Survey & Report on Disability Issues

In late 2020, the federal government’s COVID-19 Disability Advisory Group released its report applying “a disability lens to the government’s response to the pandemic.” Chief…

Ontario Vaccine Rollout Plan

As the Ontario Government releases information on the COVID-19 vaccine rollout plan, we are seeking to work with the government on developing plans to support…

Ontario Neurotrauma Foundation Closing Its Doors

We are saddened that ONF will be closing its doors after 23 years. ONF has been the hub for the Neurotrauma community, driving many of…

Triage protocol update

In the face of rising stage 2 COVID-19 numbers, opposition critics and disability advocates are calling on Ontario’s government to publicly release its COVID-19 triage…

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