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SCIO in Toronto

Office Address:
520 Sutherland Drive
Toronto, ON M4G 3V9

Email: [email protected]
Phone: 416-422-5644
Fax: 416-422-5943

SCIO Staff:


John Agnew, Regional Services Co-ordinator
Phone: 416-422-5644 ext 229

John has worked at Spinal Cord Injury Ontario for 22 years as a Regional Services Coordinator, and his background is in social work.


Jasmine Nadarajah

Jasmine Nadarajah, Regional Services Co-ordinator
Phone: 416-422-5644 ext 277

Jasmine joined SCIO in 2018 as an intake coordinator and recently accepted the position of a Regional Services Coordinator. Jasmine has a Masters of Social Work degree and has worked in the social services sector for over 5 years. Jasmine is focused on understanding client’s goals and identifying ideas to help clients achieve those goals. You can always catch Jasmine with a friendly smile in the hallways at Lyndhurst.


Sandi Kleinman

Sandi Kleinman, Regional Services Co-ordinator
Phone: 416-422-5644 ext 241

Sandi is a Regional Services Coordinator, working 3 days Monday, Tuesday and Thursday each week. Sandi joined SCIO in 2015 and worked at Sunnybrook’s Trauma Centre as an injury prevention educator prior to that. Regarding our clients, Sandi likes to approach the whole person with her whole heart.


Nouma Hammash

Nouma Hammash, Regional Services Co-ordinator
Phone: 416-422-5644 ext 235

Nouma has a Master of Social Work. She worked in the healthcare sector in the United Arab Emirates for almost 10 years. She joined SCIO in June 2017 as a Peer Support Coordinator, and in April 2019 she accepted a position as a Regional Services Coordinator. She works on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays.


Jackie Wright

Jackie Wright, Regional Services Co-ordinator
Phone: 416-422-5644 ext 323

Jackie started working at SCIO ten years ago as a part time Regional Services Co-ordinator. She has been working at University Health Network/Toronto Rehabilitation’s Lyndhurst Centre for the past thirty years as a registered nurse.


Jaspreet Dhaliwal

Jaspreet Dhaliwal, Peer Services Co-ordinator
Phone: 416-422-5644, ext 263

Jaspreet joined Spinal Cord Injury Ontario in summer of 2020 as a Peer Program Co-ordinator. Jaspreet is here to help by sharing her personal experiences about life with a SCI. She works Wednesday to Friday every week.


Charlie Warriner

Charlie Warriner, Peer Support Co-ordinator
Phone: 416-422-5644 ext 242

Charlie joined SCIO as a Peer Program Coordinator in October of 2000. Charlie’s role is to offer hope and encouragement by sharing his own personal experiences. He is always available to talk as life does not end after an SCI. He loves to drive and his hobbies are travel, sports and playing board games. Charlie works Monday to Thursday every week.

SCIO Services

Our Toronto Region location supports people with spinal cord injury and family members living in the Greater Toronto Area with these direct services:

Check the Support & Services section of this website (accessible from the top menu of every page) to find a range of services, training, resources and information available to all SCIO community members.

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