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Join Our Community

I like what you're doing.

This simple thought built our community these past 73 years. And it's the thought that continues to strengthen our work - and resolve - to expand our reach and impact. We invite you to join our inspired group of change-makers - all it takes is a word from you that you want to stay in touch on our initiatives to support, serve and advocate for and with people with spinal cord injury. It's the thought that counts for vital change.

Strength in numbers

If you are aligned with our mission and vision, you are a welcome member of our community. There’s no membership fee to pay or application to complete – just let us know you’re interested and we’ll connect with you about our work, while we honour your privacy and communication preferences.

If you want to expand your involvement with SCIO, there are lots of ways to do that – volunteer, donate, become an advocate – and if you want to lend your support simply by becoming a member of our e-community or engaging with us on TwitterFacebook or Instagram – that’s meaningful too. It’s all about expanding the number of people who believe in what we do, which demonstrates and deepens the impact we have on those living with spinal cord injury.

We are proud to count among our powerful community all those who give flight to our work:

  • people with spinal cord injury and other physical disabilities
  • families and friends of people with SCI and other disabilities
  • health care professionals (including MDs, RNs, NPs, PSWs, SWs, OTs, PTs and RTs)
  • government staff whose work supports our advocacy efforts
  • businesses that want to engage their staff in a dynamic charity or want to partner with us as sponsors or employers
  • interested members of the public looking for awareness, education and a sense of community
  • our vendors – people and businesses that help us deliver our programs
  • our staff and volunteers
  • our donors
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