Supporter Spotlight

Where would we be without our caring supporters? Government funding doesn’t cover the full costs of our far-reaching programs and services, which meet a profound need, so our supporters are critical to our success. They are generous, creative and enthusiastic. Which is why we love them.

Skier and Ski Sledger at SCIO Ski Day

Ski Day 2019

For nearly two decades the SCIO community has kept away winter blues with a trip to the hill. On February 14, 2019, we returned to the prestigious Craigleith Ski Club in Collingwood for our annual Ski and Snowboard Day. The event is open to skiers and snowboarders of all ability levels and helps remind us that fitness and health is a year-round commitment. We love seeing our community members tearing up the slopes.

The thrill of the hill and the freedom it gave me while participating in Ski & Snowboard Day 2018 was my enticement for wanting to return in 2019. Sit-skiing is exhilarating and allows me new movement that challenges my abilities. It is an extremely fun, safe and unique experience affording me an opportunity to try a new sport and meet new friends while having lots of volunteers to give participants all the support they need to have an awesome day on the slopes, not to mention the good food and fellowship in the chalet!”– Bob Pesant, SCIO Community Member

We can’t wait to see Bob and the rest of our returning members, along with any newcomers at next years’ Ski and Snowboard Day!

Ottawa Marathon

Ottawa and Toronto Scotiabank Marathons

Our community knows the importance of staying active, which is why it’s no surprise we show up in droves for several major charity runs and relays throughout the year. “Cole’s Crew” represented SCIO in Ottawa at the Scotiabank Charity Challenge, inspiring a $1500 matched donation from the race organizers for their outstanding fundraising effort. We also turned up to the Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon where community all-stars the Campbells aka “Team Rolling Thunder” decided they had so much fun they wanted to organize their own event.

Team Rolling Thunder was originally going to be myself and my daughter, but my husband Brian surprised me and told me he wanted to do it too. Then a bunch of our friends signed up with us. It was our little way of giving back to SCIO.”
– Claire Campbell

Their passion project, the Rolling Thunder Golf Tournament was held in May 2019. We love and are astonished by the transformation so many of our community members go through, from clients to campaign organizers in just a few years!

100 Women Who Care Sault Ste. Marie

100 Women Who Care

In June 2018, SCIO joined a growing list of recipient charities of 100 Women Who Care Sault Ste. Marie (SSM).

100 Women Who Care is a relatively small group of women who are making a huge impact in their community. Their mandate is beautifully simple – Four times a year, 100+ women meet for one hour and individually donate $100 to a local charity, submitting a ballot for their eligible organization of choice. This adds up to a whopping $10,000+ for the local charity with the most votes.

In just a few years 100 Women Who Care SSM have raised over $135,000 for their local community. Their donation has been allocated to our Enhancing Independence Fund, which helps our clients purchase much-needed equipment.  Thank you 100+ WWC, you are leading by example!

Fall 50 Bike Ride 2018

Fall 50 Bike Ride

The Fall Fifty is an organized cycling event to raise both funds and awareness for Spinal Cord Injury Ontario and Share the Road Cycling Coalition. The inspiration of the event comes from Craig Millar, who was struck by a vehicle while cycling to work in Niagara-on-the-Lake during July 2016, and sustained a complete spinal cord injury as a result.

SCIO was instrumental in helping Craig and his family navigate the many challenges that an injury of that magnitude can present. The family wanted to find a way to give back to the organization and make sure other people who sustain an SCI have the same, if not better, experiences.

The first Fall Fifty event was held in October of 2017, and raised over $10,000. A portion of this amount was delegated to Craig and used to purchase a hand-cycle of his own, with the intention of participating in The Fall Fifty in the years to follow.

The 2018 event saw the donations grow to $12,000, and the family are looking to expand beyond that in 2019.

Micheal Savas & friend, Florin

Michael Sava’s Swimathon

Inspired by his friend Florin’s determination after a spinal cord injury, Grade 10 student Michael Sava organized a Swimathon to raise funds and awareness for SCIO, combining his passions for swimming and helping others. 

He said: “I always loved to help others and have a positive impact on my surroundings, I dream of becoming an accomplished Doctor so that I can combine my interest in science and passion for enriching other peoples’ lives…A few years ago, a dear friend of my family, Florin, sustained a spinal cord injury and his grit and determination facing all kind of challenges inspired me to create an event so that people can learn more about spinal cord injuries.”

In total, Michael and his sister Helen swam an impressive 5 kilometres each. To date, the pair have raised over $3600 for Spinal Cord Injury Ontario.

Welcome aboard new sponsors!

Wright Rehab

Wright Rehab

Wright Rehab joined SCIO as provincial reception sponsor for the Community Celebration Dinners in 2019. Wright Rehab put teams together for both the London and Kitchener-Waterloo Roll and Bowls, where they brought enthusiasm and energy to the events. As well, they had volunteers support SCIO at the Ski and Snowboard Day.



Bell joined SCIO as the Toronto Peer Support/Connections sponsor where they presented a session on adaptive technology. They are supporting the construction of our brand new Adaptive Technologies section of the website as well as the learning module on our online learning series, Cortree. Bell also sponsored our Toronto Celebration Dinner.

Bard Medical


Bard was SCIO’s official Bowel and Bladder educational web page sponsor. They presented an information session to our staff as part of our commitment to professional development and their staff attended many of our events throughout the year. Bard has greatly supported our goal to share valuable information with our community.

Universal Motion

Universal Motion

We are pleased to have Universal Motion on board as a multi-level sponsor. They came on this year as our official Vehicle Modification educational web page sponsor, rounding out content with photos and links. And they are a Cortree partner, providing support for the development of our vehicle modification online learning course.

Big thank you to our Premier Sponsors


Our heartfelt thanks to all those involved in the following events:

3rd Annual OT Consult Ergo Golf Invitational

Havelock Country Jamboree Raffle

» Kitchener Roll & Bowl

» London Roll & Bowl

SCIO Rebuilding Lives Golf Tournament

Tamarack Ottawa Race Weekend/Scotiabank Marathon