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Corporate Training

Awareness = accessibility

Building a more accessible workplace or business offering is not only the right thing to do, it's the law. As Ontario prepares to be fully accessible by 2025, we can help businesses get in the best accessible shape of their lives. Look to us for professional training that is client-centered, practical and positions your business as leaders in the accessibility movement.

We’re ready to get you ready

Spinal Cord Injury Ontario has the expertise and the professional learning acumen to introduce dynamic disability awareness to your business in compliance with Ontario standards. With so much of our curriculum designed and delivered by people with disabilities, you have a unique guarantee that the training you choose is accurate, thorough and reflects real life scenarios.

Connect with us to discuss how we can help with disability awareness training with your team. Contact us at 416-422-5644, ext. 254 or educator@sciontario.org.

Curriculum Design

We offer curriculum design services across various industry sectors to help you translate your learning objectives into specific plans and actions. Our approach focuses on the knowledge, skills and attitudes learners will develop through each learning experience. A unique feature of the design process we offer is critical feedback on course design with people with disabilities – your clients, staff and customers – to ensure it resonates and achieves the desired outcomes.

Recent project: New Training Program to Revolutionize Vehicle-for-Hire Services in Ontario


We are subject matter experts in inclusion of people with disabilities. We leverage SCIO’s 75 years of expertise in the community service sector, as well as lived experience of our staff and volunteers in navigating an inaccessible environment, to design training that sticks. We create interactive, facilitator-led workshops in-person and online, as well as responsive mobile design compliant with Web Content Accessibility (WCAG) 2.0 standards. We offer generic or custom training to meet your organization’s needs.

Recent project: Caring for Families with Disabilities

Recent Project: Demonstrating a commitment to your clients

Check out our new interactive online learning series.


The Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act (AODA) outlines requirements which organizations in Ontario must follow to remove barriers and bring about full accessibility for people with disabilities by 2025. The AODA is made up of standards in Customer Service, Information and Communication, Employment, Transportation and Design of Public Spaces. Standards are in development for Health and Education. We offer consulting and policy review to help you ensure your policies, systems and training comply with AODA standards.

Recent project: Uber Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle Driver Training Material Review

We reviewed Uber WAV’s Accessible Vehicle and Service Driver Program content, developed by third-party partner Autzu, for AODA compliance and rider safety.


Thoughts on SCIO Corporate Training

The online Disability Awareness Training was an insightful session that provided a greater understanding of both visible and invisible disabilities, including stories and experiences which further enhanced the learning. The online training was a great start in raising awareness and starting the dialogue on visible and invisible disabilities, and accommodations at work and outside of work. Overall, the training reminded us of each individual’s responsibilities toward people with invisible and visible disabilities: Familiarize Yourself, Make Your Needs Known, Accommodation is a Partnership, and Accommodation Obligation is Ongoing.

Neeraj Singh, SVP, Risk Management  |  TD Bank Financial Group
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