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Calling all changemakers and champions of accessibility! As we gear up to celebrate National Accessibility Week, Spinal Cord Injury Ontario invites you to shine a spotlight on the incredible individuals and businesses in your community who are paving the way towards inclusivity. Have you encountered an accessible business or an inspiring individual who is actively making changes to ensure everyone feels welcome and accommodated?

Whether it’s through innovative design, thoughtful accommodations, or advocating for accessibility rights, we want to hear about it!

Let’s celebrate every stride towards accessibility, big or small, because each one brings us closer to a more inclusive community. Every effort, no matter how small, is a step forward on the path to inclusivity. Join us in recognizing those making a difference.

Let’s come together to recognize and celebrate those who are working tirelessly to meet accessibility standards and create a more inclusive world for all. Don’t wait, share your stories, recognize your accessibility champions, and let’s spread the message of inclusion far and wide! 

Together we can make a difference.

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*Accessibility Champions are recognized through the SCIO community and its members. Spinal Cord Injury Ontario does not endorse/represent/validate any persons/products/businesses recognized as part of this campaign.


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