Peer Connections: Men with SCI Toronto

Join us for an afternoon of candid conversation and camaraderie as men with spinal cord injuries come together to share their thoughts, experiences, and perspectives. From navigating daily challenges to celebrating triumphs, this event provides a supportive and safe space for open dialogue and mutual support. Let’s connect, listen, and empower each other. This is […]

Peer Connections: Keeping Your Lungs Healthy

A spinal cord injury can significantly impair the ability to cough effectively and to be able to take a deep breath in. Without proper and productive coughing and deep breathing, mucous can accumulate in the lungs, increasing the risk of pneumonia and other complications. Therapies like stacked breathing, use the technique that mimics what the […]

Adapted Water Ski Day

SCIO Try It – Adapted Water Ski Day EVENT DETAILS Embark on a thrilling adventure with Paralympian Jake Thomas and the National Water-Ski team for an unforgettable day of adapted water skiing! This isn’t just an opportunity to dip your toes; it’s a chance to dive headfirst into a world of excitement and possibility. Whether […]

Peer Connections: Women with SCI- GTA- Virtual

women using wheelchair accessing computer

Are you a woman navigating life with a spinal cord injury? You’re invited to join our Women’s Group, where we gather to share experiences, offer encouragement, and build meaningful connections. Our group offers a space for women of all ages and backgrounds who are living with spinal cord injuries, whether you’re newly injured or have […]

Peer Connections: Peterborough

Join us for our monthly in-person Peterborough Peer Connections! We meet on the third Thursday of every month at Jackson Creek Retirement Residence. A space for individuals with spinal cord injuries to connect, share, and learn from each other’s experiences. Come hear from our Peer Mentors, and enjoy some snacks as we chat. This event […]

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