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Accessing Mobility

It’s hard to imagine life without technology and our ubiquitous smart phones. As much as we may try to spend time away from our devices, there’s no denying the range of positive benefits they bring to our lives. And when it comes to navigating an often inaccessible world, they can be exactly the right call.

All Access Technology

Technology is now opening doors – quite literally – for people with disabilities. For those of us with mobility issues, smart phone technology has made great strides in increasing independence. Apps that identify accessible locations in your city or full service gas stations, and devices such as Google Home and Alexa, are making life easier. Innovation in technology is also saving the day for those with severe mobility issues. Rather than relying on attendants or others to operate a TV remote, turn off a light, open a bedroom door, welcome a guest inside or choose a piece of music, now all you need is your device, the internet or iCloud and customized software to perform these tasks easily and independently. And, with big technology making accessibility a priority in their product lines, the high cost of outfitting a home is starting to come down.

We are proud to partner with Bell Mobility to enhance and expand the information we share on the topic of technology and accessibility. Stay tuned for a Bell Mobility-sponsored Cortree Disability Education course and for more information on this topic soon. In the meantime, here are a few resources of interest:


Opening doors

Check out some home door-opening options


Assistive Tech

Innovations by Tecla


Assistive Tech

Innovations by Novalte


Fueling up

A great app for drivers with disabilities


Take a closer look at Tecla-e

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