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Our community is our greatest strength and researchers and scientists who work to improve the lives of people living with SCI know just how valuable it is to tap into that strength. This is why we facilitate the connection between those who have first-hand experience with SCI and our valued research partners.

Welcome researchers

There are two ways to connect with our community to further research:

SCIO research partnerships

At SCIO, we have adopted the Integrated Knowledge Translation (IKT) approach to research, which means we want to make sure that SCI research and science gets turned into concrete information and/or support for people living with SCI. We have established some criteria that researchers must meet to become an SCIO Research Partner:

  1. Engage Spinal Cord Injury Ontario as a research partner at the inception of the research question.
  2. Willing to engage people with SCI in multiple ways throughout the research methodology and analyses stages
  3. Willing to disseminate the research findings to the SCI community


If your research meets the above criteria, we’d be very interested in partnering with you! Please send us an email at [email protected] and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

What are the benefits of an SCIO Research Partnership?

  1. Improves the relevance of the research to the Ontario SCI Community
  2. Improves the usefulness of the research to the Ontario SCI Community
  3. Enhances the likelihood that the research will be used by the Ontario SCI Community
  4. Enhances the quality of the research being produced

Research promotion package

For researchers who don’t meet the above criteria as an SCIO Research Partner, there’s another great opportunity to share your research project with our community.

Spinal Cord Injury Ontario wants to help researchers share ethics-approved research opportunities and results with the people in our community. If you are a researcher, affiliated with a research organization, consider our research promotion package that gets the word out in a big way and generates the interest and engagement of relevant participants. An investment of $350 gets lots of promotion for three months.

Our promotion package offers three months of exposure for $350 and includes:

  • A complete description of the opportunity and link to online form on this web page
  • A post on our website news feed
  • A post on SCIO Facebook Community Connect Group
  • A link from our e-newsletter FYI on SCI to Research Opportunities
  • An intranet post, to reach SCIO staff across the province, who can share with their local community

Preference will be given to research that includes people with spinal cord injury from the planning stages of the study, and all projects must meet the following requirements:

  • The research must have ethics approval and be associated with a research-oriented organization
  • The research must benefit people with spinal cord injury
  • Payment/compensation in some form to study participants
  • A plan to disseminate research results to the community


Complete the form below and we will contact you after receipt to confirm participation, obtain complete details about your study including any supporting materials, and answer any questions.

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Please complete this form and we will contact you after receipt to confirm participation, obtain complete details about your study including any supporting materials, and answer any questions.

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