Help where you need it

Some activities, for some people with spinal cord injury, require extra help. This shouldn't interfere with your goal to live as independently as possible, but it can mean finding personal care by professional attendants that you trust, in your home, your workplace or at school.

Am I eligible for Ministry of Health funded Attendant Services?

To be eligible for attendant services from any provider in Ontario, you must:

  • Have a valid Ontario Health Card
  • Be at least 16 years of age or older
  • Have a permanent physical disability
  • Require ongoing personal support services i.e. physical assistance with activities of daily living including bathing, dressing, transferring, toileting
  • Be able to direct your own services. This means you understand your support service requirements, understand what activities or procedures are necessary in meeting your service needs and can provide instructions to an attendant on how to carry out these activities or procedures.
  • Be able to have any medical/professional needs met by the existing community health network on a visitation basis

How do I apply for funded Attendant Services?

To receive funded Attendant Services, you must apply through the Attendant Services Application Centre (ASAC), a centralized point of access operated by the Centre for Independent Living in Toronto (CILT).

When you apply through ASAC, an assessment will be completed with you to determine your eligibility and need for Attendant Services. Please note there is a wait list for service.

Contact or call CILT at 416-599-2458 to get started.

SCIO Attendant Services program was in effect for 37 years until March 31, 2020. See more on our program changes here.