Too much pressure

A pressure injury (pressure sore or bed sore) is an injury to the skin and the tissue underneath as a result of constant pressure on the skin. Pressure injuries may also be cause by shear (a tear caused by pressure + friction) or by sitting in dampness. In areas of the body where you do not have feeling, you will not notice when you start to feel sore. People with reduced mobility and sensation are at a greater risk. High risk areas are the tailbone, backside, hips and heels.

Prevention is key

Pressure injuries can develop in just a few hours, are difficult to heal and can lead to dangerous infections. They are almost always preventable. You will be advised to perform daily skin checks to look for areas of redness on pale skin or blueness on dark skin, swelling that feels firm, or broken skin.

The best ways to prevent pressure injuries are well-fitting equipment and pressure relief. You will be given more detailed information and pressure relief techniques in rehab. This is one of those health issues where an ounce of prevention really is worth a pound of cure: a little work in advance saves harm and pain down the road.

Review our Pressure Injuries Guidebook