Five Last Minute Halloween Costumes to Make the Best of Your Spooky Weekend

If you’re a Halloween enthusiast, you’re probably ready for the weekend, prepared to slip into your well planned costume. But if you haven’t had the time or energy to think about Halloween this year, don’t worry – here are five last minute costumes to make the best of your spooky weekend.


Lumberjack props

For a costume you can put together in less than ten minutes, slip into your favourite pair of jeans (ripped? even better!!) and pair it with a fall plaid shirt. Throw on a toque, grab a hammer from your tool set, and you’ve got a lumberjack costume. If you want to add an extra touch, wear some suspenders and gloves with your outfit, or turn yourself into a spooky lumberjack with face paint.

Emoji headband 

Emoji headband printout

For something current and trendy, why not make a headband of your favourite emojis? If you have close access to a printer, you can use this premade template and stick it on a headband you already own. Not feeling the headband? Wear yellow for the day and simply stick your emojis onto your shirt! You’ll look like a human smartphone floating around.

A Snapchat Filter

Snapchat filter costume

With Snapchat filters taking over social media, you can have some fun with face paint and head accessories and transform yourself into a non-digital filter. The options are endless, ranging from cute animal faces to sparkly ones, to terrifying witches and vampires. For inspiration, browse through your Instagram and Snapchat filters and challenge yourself to re-create the look without the help of your phone.


Wheelchair mermaid costume

One of the great things about using a wheelchair during Halloween is that some costumes can just be pulled off better. Take a mermaid of merman, for instance – we are already seated and can go all out to create elaborate fins to resemble these majestic sea people. Best of all, this costume can be easily created at home with your favourite top and an apron filled with cupcake liners. Feeling extra creative? Add a seashell to your backrest and steal the show at your Halloween event.

Mermaid costume with cupcake liners

Your Favourite Fantasy Character 

ET Wheelchair costume   Vampire wheelchair costume

Forrest Gump costume   DJ Booth wheelchair costume

Whether you want to be a god or goddess for the day or an epic character from your favourite movies, shows and books, having a mobility device means more space to expand your costume! Turn your wheelchair into a throne fit for royalty or use some boxes to turn it into a truck, coffin, DJ booth or toilet!

When it comes to Halloween, I firmly believe that our mobility devices can make the experience more creative and fun, so whether you’re keeping things simple this year, or going all out with an elaborate costume, I hope your spooky weekend is one to remember.

Happy Halloween from SCIO!

Toilet wheelchair costume


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