IDPWD 2022: How SCIO is Striving for Transformative Solutions for Inclusive Development

Each year, the International Day of Persons with Disabilities is celebrated worldwide on December 3rd, highlighting the progress that has been made globally in inclusivity and the resilience and achievements of people with disabilities.

This year, the theme for IDPWD is Transformative Solutions for Inclusive Development, focusing on employment, reducing inequality and sport as an exemplar case. SCIO strongly supports each of these areas of inclusive development and by collaborating with our community, we are contributing to achieving a more inclusive world in the following ways:

Innovation for disability inclusive development in employment:


SCIO understands that a big step for eliminating poverty and financial barriers in the disability community is improving employment outcomes for those with disabilities. It is for this reason that we continue to offer a wide range of Employment Services, to help job seekers with disabilities land meaningful work that will help them advance professionally and become better equipped to contribute to their communities and gain financial independence.

Earlier this year, we also launched a series of courses and video interviews in Underestimated Season 1. This series tackled the topic of employment and disability, with insight from clients who have benefitted from SCIO Employment Services as well as employers and entrepreneurs in the community who share their experiences navigating disability.

Employment remains one of SCIO’s top priorities as we continue to find ways to service more clients and help them transition into the workforce.

Innovation for disability inclusive development in reducing inequality:

Close-up shot of man turning the wheels on his wheelchair.

There are a multitude of inequalities in the disability community that inevitably make it stressful to navigate everyday life. This can include the financial burden of medical supplies and access to appropriate equipment.

SCIO’s most recent advocacy campaign addressed the topic of public coverage for intermittent catheters and related urinary supplies, raising funds to help Ontarians empty their bladders for free. Following the Pee it Forward campaign, we submitted a package to the Government of Ontario on the health benefits and long term economic outcomes of improving public coverage for urinary supplies.

At SCIO, we recognize that there are gaps in the system that make it difficult for our community members to access and pay for the equipment they need. Our Equipment for Independence Program is designed to help clients navigate the health care system if they require financial assistance for equipment they need.

By stepping in to reduce financial barriers our community faces, SCIO is contributing to reducing inequality and helping people with disabilities navigate their lives with autonomy and dignity.

Innovation for disability inclusive development: sport as an exemplar case:

SCIO Ski & Snowboard Day

It is no secret that there are endless benefits to engaging in sports. From gaining physical movement and exercise to improving mental health, participating in a sport can have life altering effects on members of our community, and that is why we host a variety of SCIO events that invite people with disabilities to try out new activities.

Our annual ski day takes place in January 2023 and is a fun and inclusive way to try adaptive skiing. We also host an annual Roll and Bowl and regularly share stories about our community members who are benefiting from sport and physical activity.

Our Community Magazine and Voices Blog feature numerous stories about people with disabilities waterskiing, adaptive mountain biking and even doing crossfit post-injury.

SCIO celebrates the International Day of Persons with Disabilities and the passionate, resilient and dedicated members of our community who continue to build a more inclusive world each day.

SCIO wishes you a happy IDPWD 2022!


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