SCIO Strategic Plan 2017 – 2023

Middle aged hispanic man looking over strategic document with his African-American co-worker.

The Groundwork for Success

The strategic plan identifies strategies that will best enable us to advance our ambitious mission. It outlines measurable objectives and priorities for implementation to improve our services.

In 2017, SCIO developed a Five Year Strategic Plan that would conclude in 2022. With the impact of COVID-19 during the past year, in May 2021, the Board of Directors determined that this plan should be extended for an additional year.

Expand our Impact Across Ontario

Active involvement of people with spinal cord injuries, their families, friends and professional supports in making Ontario a more accessible, equitable, and enjoyable place to live.

Share Knowledge

Effective information exchange that improves quality of life, disseminates best practices across Ontario, and demonstrates possibilities.

Amplify our Community’s Voice 

Advocate with people with spinal cord injuries for fair and equitable services across Ontario.

Our Priorities

Improve our reach 

  • Improve access to SCI Ontario Services from Community Hospitals
  • Improve virtual client service capacity
  • Identify and implement new flexible solutions for all services to serve more people in an efficient way
  • Investigate and implement ways to meaningfully grow our community and nurture engagement

Create powerful relationships

  • Partner with external support and service providers in communities across Ontario to create a seamless experience for people with spinal cord injuries

Build upon our trusted brand

  • Develop and deliver robust training and resources
  • Investigate and implement opportunities to provide certification

Create a hub for information exchange

  • Create opportunities for community-wide dialogue
  • Create a one-stop shop
  • Improve awareness of programs and quality of life initiatives

Connect people with research

  • Identify and share opportunities to participate in the design process, plan and implementation

Enhance our capacity

  • Identify and implement appropriate mechanisms for expanding our advocacy capacity

Build the coalition

  • Formalize partnerships with complementary organizations to establish advocacy priorities

Promote fair and equitable services

  • Ensure sustainability of community supports and services
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