Accessible Housing

SCIO is developing an Accessible Housing Strategy!

Finding an accessible home in Ontario is becoming more challenging. And people with disabilities are paying a heavy price. We see clients as young as 20 forced into long-term care and hospitals because there are not enough accessible homes. Others struggle to find independence in homes that do not suit their needs. SCIO is ready to address the crisis.

We’re prioritizing accessible housing by leveraging partnerships with other disability organizations, real estate developers, healthcare clinicians and researchers to help ensure the government takes the proper steps to solve the accessible housing crisis.


Accelerating Accessibility Coalition
SCIO is one of the founding members of the Accelerating Accessibility Coalition, the first-of-its-kind community of real estate development and disability organizations. The coalition aims to create a more accessible Canada by challenging home builders to prioritize physical accessibility in new homes built nationwide.

Sunnybrook Research Institute
We have partnered with the Sunnybrook Research Institute to develop an Accessible Housing Knowledge Mobilization Network. The purpose of the network is to elevate awareness and bring evidence-based value and policy improvements within accessible housing in Canada. One of our priorities for this partnership is to build research capacity to understand the housing needs and priorities of Canadians with disabilities.

Grants and Investments for an Accessible Housing Strategy and Network
We are partnering with various researchers across the country to elevate the evidence base for accessible housing across the country. As we apply for multiple grants, we require partners to achieve specific goals and objectives of the strategy. We invite you to become a partner. Please engage with us at [email protected] and express your interest. Integral to the success and accuracy of this strategy is the requirement for people with lived experience to provide their expertise with living with a disability and accessing accessible housing. We also encourage people with lived experience to become partners.

Public Good Initiative
SCIO is participating in the Public Good Initiative through the University of Toronto’s Munk School of Global Affairs and Public Policy. Four students are working with SCIO to advance the accessible housing strategy by researching international accessible housing policies. The aim is to utilize these research findings to determine how they can shape the future of Canada’s accessible housing policies and regulations.


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Accelerating Accessibility Coalition

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