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SCIO’s Advocacy team is tackling some of the most pressing issues that affect people with disabilities in Ontario. We work with other disability organizations, research institutes, academics, researchers and people from the community who live with disabilities.

Advocacy team members are driven by and committed to SCIO’s vision of a fully inclusive Ontario; one where people with a spinal cord injury can thrive.

Creating change

By addressing, communicating, and affecting policy changes, the Advocacy department at SCIO tackles systemic barriers that diminish the quality of life within the spinal cord injury community and beyond. Advocacy’s team of experts ensure the voices of individuals living with a spinal cord injury or mobility disability are heard by policy makers, government officials and community leaders.

By activating the SCIO community and driving research forward, Advocacy builds grass-root support for their initiatives, empowers new advocates, informs policy, and drives meaningful change. We believe everyone in the SCIO community is an advocate for a fully inclusive Ontario. Our presence in the world generates visibility, compassion, and action.​

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Accessible Housing Strategy

Finding an accessible home in Ontario is becoming more challenging and people with disabilities are paying a heavy price.

Pressure Injury Management

Pressure injuries are a common secondary complication, yet, there is no consistent standard of practice for the management of wounds

Access to Mobility Devices

Mobility devices for those with a permanent disability should be considered a human right over their lifetime.

Access to Medical Supplies

There should be an efficient province-wide medical supply coverage program for those with permanent needs.

Grassroot initiatives

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