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We are here for you. As you go through life there are times when you need a helping hand. We work with our clients to support them when they need it. However, our relationship doesn’t have to end once we’ve helped you reach your goal. We want you to know you are always part of our community and there are so many ways for you to stay involved.

Our community is resilient, knowledgeable and strong.

Our community is you.

Peer Connections

Peer-to-peer experiences and understanding is a vital part of our monthly Peer Connections workshops across the province. It’s fun and fundamentally helpful

Living with an SCI

For those looking for answers related to spinal cord injury, we have always been a great resource. 


Are you looking for expert guidance on how to live a full and rewarding life with a disability? Cortree Disability Education Centre is full of videos and information for you, your family and caregivers.


The need to modernize service delivery and change the scope of practice is vital for our diverse community and SCIO has been active in leading opportunities and facilitating partnerships that address these gaps and solicit positive change.

Employment Services

We have a team of experts that specialize in employment services. Our employment counselors and job coaches work one-on-one with clients to create a tailored experience that helps them meet their employment goals. 


Your personal experience and insights can help change the world. Whether it’s a quick online survey or a few days in a clinical setting, participating in research advances the science of SCI and helps those living with SCI in many important ways.


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