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We're Built on Trust.

Together as a community, we help people living with a spinal cord injury increase their independence and quality of life by improving accessibility, service, resources, partnerships, education, advocacy and more. With our three strategic priorities as our guide, we continue to move forward each year. We invite you to review our Financial Statements and Annual Reports to learn how we accomplish our mission.

Audited Financial Statements

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It’s of the utmost importance to all of us at SCIO that we have earned your confidence. Our life-changing work is possible only when our community sees that we carry out our mission with integrity and to the highest standards, so we prioritize trust and transparency as key aspects of our work and our character.

We are proudly accredited by Imagine Canada.

We have the Imagine Canada Trustmark, but what does that mean?

The Standards Program Trustmark from Imagine Canada signals that we have demonstrated compliance with each of the exacting Imagine Canada Standards. To read more, please visit the Imagine Canada website.

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SCIO Annual Report 2022 - 2023


Annual Report 21-22


Click here to view the 2020-21 Annual Report

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