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Since the onset of the pandemic, systemic challenges have been exposed in terms of the support and services offered to people living with a disability in Ontario.

The need to modernize service delivery and change the scope of practice is vital for our diverse community and SCIO has been active in leading opportunities and facilitating partnerships that address these gaps and solicit positive change.

We rely on our community’s collective voice to amplify our needs and guide knowledge transfer. Your lived experience is paramount to our cause and is essential in decision making and policy change. We’re looking for people with a keen interest in supporting SCIO public policy efforts who can identify individuals and organizations that can support the efforts of SCIO’s public policy. Fill out this form to be considered.

Public Policy, Advocacy Committee – Call for Applications

Urgent Issues

Access to Mobility Devices

Mobility devices for those with a permanent disability should be considered a human right over their lifetime.

Access to Medical Supplies

There should be an efficient province-wide medical supply coverage program for those with permanent needs.

Access to
Attendant Services

Clear processes and supports must be in place to ensure optimal health care for people with a spinal cord injury.


Ontario should be fully accessible by 2025 but we are off course. We need a government that will make accessibility a priority.

Grassroots Initiatives

Recent Public Policy Actions

COVID-19 Vaccinations for the Disability Community

For people with an SCI getting vaccinated will not be an easy task.

Ontario Government Budget

Every year the Government of Ontario presents its annual mandate and budget to what it hopes to achieve throughout the course of the year. SCIO puts forth submissions and reviews the budgets as they are presented to see how it impacts our community.

Queen’s Park Day

On December 3, 2020, in collaboration with March of Dimes Canada, SCIO held a virtual event to celebrate International Day of Persons with Disabilities.

ODSP Internet Coverage

Technology provides the opportunity to improve access to services by removing the limitations of geographic location, health status, financial constraints and other barriers to participating.

Help us prioritize the four urgent issues facing people with disabilities in Ontario.

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